What is Psychology?

Psychology is the science of behavior and cognitive processes.




In lay Man’s language Psychology is all about study of behavior which basically includes personality. People generally consider Psychology as a subject which focusses on nature or behavior of an individual.It creates curiosity amongst the people which makes Psychology an interesting subject to talk or read about.

According to Modern Psychology, Psychology is  is regarded as a science, which attempts to investigate the causes of behavior using systematic and objective procedures for observation, measurement and analysis,backed-up by theoretical interpretations, generalizations, explanations and predictions.

Psychology as a study of Behavior, as psychologists basically focus on the observable or Overt actions of an individual.Behavior is something which is exhibited as an action or reaction of a person.

Psychology as study of Cognitive Processes as it includes all aspects of Human Mind as well as Mental life which includes thoughts, memories, mental images, reasoning,decision making.

Psychology is a multifaceted discipline and includes many sub-fields of study such areas which are quite emerging fields such as human development, child Psychology, Abnormal Psychology ,sports, health, clinical, industrial or Organizational Psychology, Counseling Psychology , Educational Psychology,Forensic Psychology,social behavior and cognitive processes.

Major Perspectives of Modern Psychology

Psychology studies behavior from many different perspectives.Human Behavior is extraordinarily complex and is influenced by many different factors.Any aspect of behavior can be examined from many different perspectives.Some of the important ones are discussed below.

Behavioral: Focuses on overt behavior

Cognitive: Focuses on cognitive processes such as memory, thought , reasoning.

Biological: Focuses on the biological events and processes that underlie behavior.

Evolutionary: Focuses on the possible role of evolved psychological mechanisms in human behavior.

Developmental: Focuses on changes in behavior and cognitive processes over the life span.

Psychodynamic: Focuses on the hidden , often unconscious , internal processes like unconscious motives.

Social and Cultural: Focuses on Social and Cultural Factors that can influence behavior.


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Child Psychology

Child Psychology is the study of the overall development of a child which includes how children learn, think, interact and respond emotionally to people around them, what kind of peer group they use to keep,make friends, the sense of understanding the environment,how they express their emotions and their own developing personalities, use their intelligence,show their temperaments and enhance their skills or talents.

Child  is a Gift of God. Let every child use his creativity.They are very precious for the parents,need to be handled with utmost love care and affection.Through our articles you can somehow relate your child too.child-psychology


Psychology and Mental Health

It is truely said if your MIND is healthy you are fine…….

healthy mind

 Mental Health is “a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, can be more adjustable and can enhance their skills in a better way.This section basically deals with all kinds of  mind related stress or disorders.The articles up brings all major issues related to cognitive processes. A healthy mind is all we need.The stress occupies our mind which turn into all kind of Mental Disorders.Therefore it is important that we should keep our mind healthy and think Positive.

Women and Psychology


Women is a symbol of strength ,as a daughter , mother ,as a powerful life partner.She takes Birth in different forms and create a new life.The articles in this section will make you connect with the power of women.It will bring out some major aspects of the role of Women.The Psychology of Women here highlights how a women feels , her perception,her lookout, in spite of all stress and tragedy she faces in her life how she copes up with such situations.Her inner strength and confidence make her to combat all kinds of adversities.


Teenagers are the youth of tomorrow.Is it the teens of today stable by themselves that seems to be an important issue. Teenagers of today show many signs of stress or worries which includes all the major aspects including emotional, physical,behavioral as well as cognitive symptoms.They exhibit stress of different kinds like stress related to peer pressure, unhealthy competition,romantic relationships, societal pressures, dramatic events, academic pressures, low self-esteem, poor self-control and many more.Therefore its very important that the teens of today should be handled with utmost love support and affection.Teens should have proper guidance from parent, positive thinking and attitude, healthy diet as well as focused aim or goal. The articles of this section will definitely bring solution to every problem.



School Psychologists

School Psychologists play very crucial roles in a student’s life.They help the youth socially, emotionally, academically as well as behaviorally.School psychologists basically imply Behavior Modification techniques.They eliminate the undesired behavior to get the desired or appropriate ones.They are highly trained personnel with high quality education.The school psychologists implement or design various behavioral interventions.They act as bridge between the student and a teacher, a teacher and parent, a student and parent.The most commonly used techniques by school Psychologists includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Behavior Modification Techniques.To read about this article log into our website psyeco.com.




Dyslexia is a reading and language-based learning disability.It is a neurological based genetic disorder.Dyslexia is a learning disability which hinders with the  child’s ability to understand group of letters paragraph or sentences even.Children may reverse or rotate the letters they read or write.Dyslexics need a structured language program and a direct instruction in letter sound system.They may find confusion in right or left.Generally take much time to read and write.To read about this article log into our website psyeco.com.