STRESS  is this word  sounds like feeling really worried , or just a gesture which suddenly triggers your mind or leave its impact on your life, So the word can be sound as positive stress or EUSTRESS too.Actually its up to us how we take this word in our life that means something which can be manipulated and we can act accordingly.If we think about it we will come to know that stress can have either positive or negative effect in our life. There are two types of stress namely Positive stress or EUSTRESS or negative stress or distress.

Stress is a reaction to a changing, demanding environment. Change happens all the time, and stress is in large part what we feel when we are reacting to it.  Change happens all the time, and stress is in large part what we feel when we are reacting to it. We can define stress by saying that it involves the “set of emotional, physical, and cognitive (i.e., thought) reactions to a change.”



Eustress is a positive stress which is a  need for a positive growth of our life and also it leads to positive accomplishment in life.It gives us internal happiness and further enhances our personal skills as it  boosts up our confidence level and increasing our self esteem. A person can achieve something great if really take stress as positive. Examples of positive personal stressors include:

Receiving a promotion or raise at work.
Starting a new job.
Buying a home.
Having a child.
Taking a vacation.
Holiday seasons.

In reverse to this Eustress ,there is another stress with which sometimes we are messed up with, and ultimately it disturbs our mind our life and effect our daily life negatively known as Distress. Examples of distress includes :

Excessive job demands.
Job insecurity.
Conflicts with teammates and supervisors.
Inadequate authority necessary to carry out tasks.

Internally caused sources of distress include: Fear, Repetitive thoughts, Unrealistic, perfectionist expectations.

Psychology Facts

Different factors determine whether a particular demand will cause eustress or distress in a given individual. How we think about a stressor (our appraisal and our self-talk), how we think about our own capabilities (our self-concept) and how we think about the specific characteristics of the stressor itself (e.g., how intensely it creates demands on us, how long it lasts, etc.) will all collectively determine whether we will experience stress over handling any given situation.

Dr. Lazarus and Dr. Folkman described the importance of the cognitive appraisal process in determining whether stress is positive or negative. According to Lazarus and Folkman, there are two aspects to cognitive appraisal: primary appraisal and secondary appraisal.



In primary appraisal, we evaluate whether we have anything at stake in an encounter (e.g., by asking ourselves “Does this matter for me?”). A relatively trivia stressor is as an important as is much more likely to result in a stress response whenever a stressor reliazes.

In secondary appraisal, we evaluate our existing coping resources (e.g., how healthy we are, how much energy we have, whether family and friends can help, our ability to rise to the challenge, and how much money or equipment we have), our available options, and the possibilities we have for controlling our situation. If we believe that we lack the coping resources necessary to deal with the situation, we will perceive it as negative stress. Conversely If we believe necessary coping resources are available then the stressor will not overwhelm us and may instead be perceived as eustress.


Dr. Albert Ellis and  Dr. Aaron Beck, given the highly influential and widely accepted cognitive theory of emotions which says your beliefs (driven by your appraisal process) strongly influence your subsequent mood state.If you believe that you have the ability and resources to handle the stressors you are faced with, your mood will be generally positive, and vice versa, if you believe that you do not have what it takes to meet the demands you are faced with, your mood will turn negative and sour, possibly causing you to become anxious or depressed.


This  Therapeutic Technique Cognitive Reframing emphasizes  on some important concepts.  According to this technique if the thoughts,  determine our  mood is a good thing, because while it is difficult to alter your feelings at any given moment, it is always possible to re-evaluate and change our  thoughts. If we can find a way to see our situation in a more positive light, we can alter our mood from negative to positive.

Research On Wheels

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Eustress is a positive stress which we really sometimes need to enhance our personal skills and boost up our confidence.


Aerialist Nik Wallenda looks down and sees the 1,500-foot drop to the bottom of the Grand Canyon below him. Of all the things that stands between him and a lethal landing is the 2-inch tightrope that he has decided to traverse on camera, the moment being broadcast around the world on live television. If most people were to rank the most stressful events of their life, this would very likely be near the top of the list. But Wallenda thrives on stress of this magnitude.

In June, Wallenda balanced his way across a quarter-mile gap in the Grand Canyon. And with his feet firmly back on the ground, he shared how he is able to perform stunts like this: by seeing the physical manifestations of stress as positives. Yes, the body will start to shake on the tightrope. But this is not a sign of weakness; it is instead a natural response that is preparing him for what is to come. With decades of training & when it is needed mostly ,Stress is known to be helpful in willing strength.

  Some Tips:

  • Eustress is something positive in nature, a pressure or stress somehow keeps us motivated .
  • When positive stress build up, try to get out of it with a smooth move.
  • Whenever doing something new it is going to create a little positive pressure, take it as quite natural.
  • Thought which arises due to positive stress will not sustain for long.
  • One shall also need to be calm somehow don’t increase your anxiety level.
  • If stress arises, don’t let it dominate your mind,keep yourself busy somehow with your work of interest.