Body Language is important part of our way of behaving nature or characteristics. Body language is somehow very important in communication. Body language is controlled by your subconscious mind so the listener can pretend or understand what a person want to convey.It denotes or shapes our personality.Our body parts including our hands, eyes , nose , legs , lips exhibit some characteristics of our nature. Like that, NAILS also denotes someĀ  physical characteristics as well as behavioral aspects.People use to bite nails too in different circumstances.

Different shapes or size of the fingers can predict an individual’s nature or behavior. Body language plays an essential role in communicating with people. Body language comprises of the gestures and movements we make of the different parts of our body when communicating with people. Body language helps to evaluate people’s interests , their way of understanding.

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Here are some of the nail patterns which predicts the characteristic as well as behavioral aspect of an individual.

  • Flat Nails

Flat nails

People bearing flat nails have stubborn and quarrelsome nature and their mind is all the time indulged in spilting and breaking one or other things. Owing to their stubborn nature.They are quite adamant in nature.Always try to convince others by their stubborn nature.The people having this type of pattern are worried over small things easily.They dont take the solutions in their life easily.The stubborn nature can spoil the situations.

  • Small Nails

small nails

  • The possessor of small nails is always involved in unreasonable and excess talkting, boosting orientations and baseless pleas. He is not a sober and a sociable man. Self -Centered characteristics, Praising oneself always.The person keeps on talking about themselves without any solid base of their talk.

Long nails

long nails

  • Preference for long nails is found in women.They are attracted to the hands bearing long nails.They do everything possible for increasing the size of their nails.A few people too are eager to maintain long nails and pay extra heed to such nails.They take special care of their nails.Their confidence level is good somehow.The men having long nails are of idealistic nature, and involve themselves in social activities.The men use to devote more and more time in social activities.

Fleshy nails

fleshy nails

Fleshy nails are often found with the women. The person having fleshy nails is found to be sensitive, emotional and a day dreamer.They keep their emotions deeply. They are very sensitive by their nature so easily get melted.They live on sweet imagination but irritated when their real life gives otherwise scenes.They cant tolerate the ironical situations. Such People cannot decide immediately on any of the matters.The people take time to reach at any conclusion of their talk.People are day dreamers, they generally live on their imaginations and interpret their behaviour accordingly.

Pale nails


The pale colour or yellow tinted nails prima-faciereveal anaemia in the possessor of such nails.The persons having such nails are liars.For small things even they speak out lies.They perform all the activities by hooks and crooks applying tricks.They use their brain in negative aspect.They use different strategies to fulfil their desires.It is their routine to defraud and manipulate with any person.By wrong people use to play games with people and try to get undue advantages.

Thick and Stiff nails

thick and stiff nails

The men having such nails are rarely found.These are barbarious and behave like animals.They are atheist and do criticize the meta physical faiths.People having this kind of nail pattern are somehow not religious.They possess less humane characteristics.

Small nails with knotty Fingers

small and notty fingers

The men having small nails with notty fingers are of quarrelsome tendency. They use to quarrel about small things somehow always pissed up with the situations in life.If such nails are found with the women, They put excessive discipline on their husbands and very time try to keep their self-pride under their feet.This Nail shape depicts about the dominating nature of woman.